General Administration and Administration Department

  • Support IT personnel, create high value service and premium service mind
  • Public relations services Walailak Botanic Garden both online and offline
  • Enhance the service level of full service, use the Application to add more work systems
  • Pushing into the accommodation standard system An international type of camping, such as having at least one standard brand of accommodation (SHA TAT)

Botanical Garden and Rukchat Department

  • To collect more and more plant and animal surveys and create a system Stored using an IT system and has an easy access platform
  • Organize learning resources in the botanical park Coupled with the rest of students, staff and the general public At least 5 points
  • Provide natural classroom services to the school. And general departments
  • Expand the conservation area for plant and animal species in both universities and networks, totaling 3 species
  • Promote learning resources marketing Coupled with rest To create the enjoyment of students, staff and the general public.
  • Elevate the herb garden to promote health tourism using traditional Thai medicine wisdom. And Thai herbs In conjunction with an external community network
  • Push botanical gardens and arboretum onto a rewarding arena. In order to receive at least 1 international standard guaranteed award

Department of Natural History Museum

  • Study the possibility of managing the break-even point, providing income
  • public relations Museum of Natural History To be known both online and offline
  • Creating value added of service products Museum of Natural History: Ecolodge Project for Specific Tourist Groups (Niche Market Tourists)
  • Organize marketing promotion And increase the way to earn income for the university with service products, the Museum of Natural History, creating a career for university graduates Generate additional income to the communities surrounding the university

Division of RSPG Project Coordination and Training Center

  • Increasing more than 10 schools in requesting research funding to staff and faculty
  • Increase training and academic services in cooperation with the private sector for CSR work
  • Increase the year 65 research funding, 15% more from the funding received
  • Pushing southern plants To register at least 1 type of Thai conservation plant
  • In addition to cooperation with local authorities and schools
  • Increase the quality of the DASC project research, both academic service and research work to be published at the international level
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