On Saturday, December 11, 2021, Walailak Botanic Park provided academic services to students of the School of Management Department of Tourism and Hospitality Industry, with Asst. Prof. Dr. Onanong Cheablam, an instructor in the course of Ecotourism, coordinated and requested support from the WBP to give lectures and demonstrations to 15 students with the following activities :
                1. Birdwatching guide and Technique to set up a tent for camping, by Mr. Arwut Kaenpech
                2. The Beginnings of Stargazing, Kayaking, and Tree Climbing Activities, by Mr. Yutthakan Chaimanee
             The activity was well-received by the students, and the course instructors praised it. The participants were overjoyed with the program, which at the WBP includes a diverse range of entertaining activities. We urge everyone to come to Walailak Botanic Park to experience nature and engage in fun events.

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