Personnel WBP

Chatchai Kanlayanapaphon

Tel : 0-7567-6108   E-mail :

waterfront terrace
Location : Behind the grass hill at the entrance botanical park
Pros : It is a waterfront terrace overlooking a 360 degree view of the reservoir in front of the Botanical Park. Suitable for sipping coffee and watching the sunset view.

General Administration and Administration

Nattanyanop Tongpong

General Administration Officer
Tel. 0-7547-6105 Phone : 09-6862-4659
e-mail :

office building botanical park
Location : The building in front of the Botanical Park
Strengths : It is the first office building. of the Botanical Park Agency, built in 2013, designed by Khun Sonthaya Kongchai, emphasizing naturalness, loft style, giving a feeling of Warm like family when everyone comes in contact Coordinate under the mission of Walailak University

Supaluck Musid

General Administration Officer
Tel. 0-7547-6106 Phone : 09-6679-8125
e-mail :

Bota Home
Location : near meeting room botanical park
Strengths : Accommodation services have received SHA or Amazing Thailand Safety & Health Administration standards. Health safety standards for tourists provide accommodation Accommodating 150 guests, suitable for camping or groups, as well as meeting room services, clean, safe accommodation close to nature.

Amolwan Panmas

Amolwan Panmas

General Administration Officer
Tel. 0-7547-6102 Phone : 09-8679-0840
e-mail :

Bamboo Garden
Location : Between th orchards collect banana varieties and Bota Cactus Dome
Strengths : Bamboo Collection is a check-in point that everyone should not miss if coming. Visit the Botanical Park Because it is a collection of more than 50 bamboo species, there is a small coffee shop building. The design decorated with bamboo is unique and distinctive. Waiting for everyone to visit


Roongtiwa Khanom

Roongtiwa Khanom

General Administration Officer
Tel. 0-7547-6105 Phone 08-7893-7413
e-mail :

Office Building General Administration
Location : Office building
Strengths : It is an office building in front of the entrance to the botanical park. The roof looks like a green leaf. And there are beautiful, clear brick pattern tiles

Wannathada Rodtua

Wannathada Rodtua

General Administration Officer
Tel. 0-7547-6102 Phone 09-8280-9666
e-mail :

Entrance arch to the Bota Sky Tower
ที่ตั้ง : Bota Sky Tower
Strengths : It is a ticket sales point for the entrance to the Sky Tower. The arch has a wide front entrance and narrows to become the entrance to the sky tower. It has a bright green color

Learning Promotion Department

Ruamporn Kongjan

Acting Head of Botanical and Arboretum Department
Tel. 0-7547-6113 Phone: 08-9891-6621
e-mail :

Treetop viewing tower
Location : within the nature trail
Strengths : It is the highest point at 25 meters from the ground. Hexagonal construction surrounded by large rubber trees Can see a 360 degree view with a cool atmosphere at the height of the top of the Yang Na tree. with mountains in the background There is a group of school buildings and the Botanical Park Reservoir in front and you can still stand and admire the beauty of nature in the Botanical Park area in all directions.

Arwut Kaenpech

Tel. 0-7547-6105 Phone: 08-8784-2981
e-mail :

Science and Technology Learning Center
Location : Opposite Tumbang Ruins
Strengths : It is a learning center for students in science and technology. youth and the general public by learning activities through exhibitions on science, technology and local wisdom learn through science camp and science experiments (Lab) activities that promote fun learning

Surin Jitthaworn

Tel. 0-7547-6109 Phone: 09-1776-9830
e-mail :

Nature trail
Location : The area behind the meeting room
Strengths : nature trail is another place In the heart of the pristine forest of the Botanical Park There are many kinds of plants and amazing species with viewing facilities and study plants Waiting to welcome everyone to come and experience nature closely. in the midst of the university city of glory

Jeerangkan Pakkhem

Tel. 0-7547-6112 Phone: 08-9861-9938
e-mail :

Herb garden
Location : near the camping area
Strengths : It is a collection of more than 250 types of medicinal plants and a place for students to learn. and the general public Support academic services for researchers to use plant specimens in research

Yutthakan Chaimanee

General Administration Officer
Tel. 0-7547-6105 Phone: 08-2532-2907
e-mail :

Location : A large reservoir in the Botanical Park area
Strengths : In the area of ​​1350 rai, both on land and in water, we have many outdoor activities such as rowing, rescue, and kayaking. Climbing trees with a rope system, stargazing, basic survival in various situations Come learn to live with nature by yourself.

Winai Jampathong

Landscape staff
Tel. 0-7547-6105 Phone: 08-1476-7650
e-mail :

Bota Banana
Location : Behind the Science and Technology Learning Center On the contrary, the ancient site of Tumbang
Strengths  : There are more than 100 species of bananas as a learning and tourism resource. Watch and taste rare species of bananas.

Adirut Lamai

Adirut Lamai

Tel. 0-7547-6110 Phone : 06-313-4406
e-mail :

Wildlife Breeding
Location : Within the nature trail area
Strengths  : A place for the conservation and breeding of protected wildlife including hog Deer, and barking Deer, as well as other species such as spotted Deer and capybara. To be a learning source about the study of wildlife behavior, wildlife breeding and wildlife rehabilitation which will create biodiversity as well as activities to promote wildlife conservation for students, teachers, professors, researchers and the general public that causing enjoyment and experience nature with more biodiversity.

Natthawut Tongyodkaow

Natthawut Tongyodkaow

Tel. 0-7547-6102 Phone 06-1896-4297
e-mail :

Bota Sky Tower Parking
Location : Entrance to the Bota Sky Tower
Strengths : It is a spacious parking lot. Suitable for accommodating at least 300 tourists, buses, and tour groups visiting the botanical gardens

Arthit Sornklieng

Arthit Sornklieng

Service Staff
Tel. 0-7547-6102 Phone 09-2370-4227
e-mail :

Top of The Bota Sky Tower
Location : Bota Sky Tower
Strengths : It is a viewpoint with a height of 25 meters, or equivalent to an 8-story building. On the east side is a beautiful view of the medical center. On the west side you will see the Nakhon Si Thammarat Mountain Range

Department of the Natural History Museum

Saifon Jitnupong

General Administration Officer
Tel. 0-7547-6115 Phone: 08-1970-0773
e-mail :

Courtyard lamp
Location : In front of the entrance to the Botanical Park
Strengths : It brings the look of hibiscus pollen as inspiration for the design of this courtyard lamp. The area is suitable for outdoor activities. And everyone can visit the Lantern Lan and visit the BOTA MARKET CHIC & CHILL every Thursday.

Sakda Baimiden

Tel. 0-7547-6105 Phone: 08-9473-9068
e-mail :

Cactus greenhouse
Location : In the vicinity between the Science and Technology Learning Center and the Natural History Museum
Strengths : A collection of various types of cactus. in the white dome area In addition to the collection is also a source of learning. including those who are fascinated by drought tolerant plants

Coordination center RSPG-WU

Nantakarn Boonchuay

General Administration Officer
Tel. 0-7547-6111 Phone: 08-6686-6044
e-mail :

Hill tunnel WBP
Location : In the middle of the entrance botanical park
Strengths : power generation tunnel built with concept Can see the sun in 2 mornings: turn your back to the tunnel (Reservoir) to recharge from the first light of day. Harvest freshness to continue walking that day. Evening : Turn around to see the last light of the day that slowly fades behind Khao Luang. release suffering Obstacles that day to the water

Akarayut Rungsimuntuchat

General Administration Officer
Tel. 0-7547-6104 Phone 08-9874-9016
e-mail :

Camping ground
Location : The lawn area before the herb garden
Strengths : The camping ground by the reservoir, the romantic atmosphere. as a check-in point Waiting to serve tourists who will come to camp and enjoy the natural atmosphere. watch the sunset and the beautiful mist on the water surface

Pattarawut Sompreeda

General Administration Officer
Tel. 0-7547-6111 Phone: 09-2092-9883
e-mail :

grass hill botanical park
Location : In front of the Botanical Park
Strengths : The grassy hill below is a photographic corner with a large grass mound. The hill above will be a photo-check-in point with the Botanical Park sign and a 360-degree view.

Janevit Ruksacharoen

General Administration Officer
Tel. 0-7547-6114 Phone: 06-2087-1366
e-mail :

At the tip of the water
Location : Located opposite the front office part of the area extending to the middle of the reservoir
Strengths : If viewed from the outside, it looks like an island in the middle of the water. There was a large rubber tree standing. It is clearly dignified. The wind blows cool all day. It is also a point where you can see a 360-degree view of the reservoir and can see a variety of waterfowl species at this point, such as teal, cormorant, egret, etc. It is also a perfect spot to sit and watch the first light. Sunrise to start a new day