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        Walailak Botanical Park (WBP) provides accommodation services for camping activities, trainings, and seminars. Our WBP accommodation service has been given the SHA standards (Amazing Thailand Safety & Health Administration) by the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), Ministry of Tourism and Sports and Ministry of Public Health.
        WBP accommodation provide 15 rooms service, each room can accommodate 10 people, with a restroom building separated from the accommodation building. There are also separated female and male restroom buildings. There are 10 showers and 10 toilets and each building.
        The fees for accommodation are as follows:
                – Air-conditioned room per night  for 1-3 people, price 500 baht.
                – Air-conditioned room per night  for 4-6 people, price 900 baht.
                – Air-conditioned room per night  for 7-10 people, price 1,500 baht.
                – Fan room, stay for 1 night, price is 100 baht per person.
                – Fan room, stay for 2-3 nights, price 80 baht per person.
                – Fan room, stay for more than 4 nights, price is 50 baht per person.

        *Future information and making a reservation please contact Ms. Khemruchi Chupirom (Mai) Tel:  0-7567-6105 or  0802653578

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