Botanic Park Walailak University (WBP) has a camping service which is a tourist attraction located in the middle of the natural atmosphere of the greenery forest by the reservoir. We are ready to serve tourists who will come to pitch a tent, which they can stay overnight and enjoy the natural atmosphere. At here, they can watch the beautiful sunset in the evening and still can touch the mist on the water and amaze with the gorgeous sunrise in the morning at WBP.

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Video of the camping ground

Fees of Tent Rental

Tent 2 - 3 person

Coleman Air dome V.3

        The 2-3 person tents style is suitable for individuals and small families. The tent measures about 2.10×1.80×1.20 meters. Inside the tent is specially designed with drying system. The ground vent keeps air moving while get rid of insects.

Tent 4 - 6 person

Coleman Evanston 4 Deluxe V.3

        The 4-6 person tents style is an excellent quality medium dome tent which suited for families or groups of friends at least 4-6 people. The tent measures about 3.05×2.44×1.72 meters. There is a front porch for siting and relaxing. It includes a window with a mosquito net around and a flysheet with a good waterproof coating.