For the implementation of the Botanical Park Project Walailak University In accordance with the intended purpose Therefore the goal is set as follows

2.1 Design of a botanical park

Proceed to divide the utilization area of ​​the Botanical Park according to the mission role. Divided into 12 parts as follows

2.1.1 Office building (Administration office)

Is the center of action Contact, coordinate and cooperate with departments both inside and outside the university.

2.1.2 Nursery & Plant propagation center

Is an open nursery To carry out plant breeding and propagation from both the university area and from outside.

2.1.3 Agricultural tools & Storage building is a shed for storing agricultural equipment and materials. Production of organic fertilizers And keep vehicles that support the work of the botanical park

2.1.4 Flowering garden

It is an area that has a beautiful flower garden for the family as a recreation area for people who visit the botanical park.

2.1.5 Arboretum

Is an area for conservation of large perennial plants, especially rubber trees (Dipterocarpus alatus), which is the original wood of the area. Customize the area below to be a collection of various family plants. Both ivy and herbaceous shrubs are beautifully decorated and categorized according to the principles of botanical taxonomy. To be a source of informal learning

Important flora and fauna of Thailand to be exhibited are


Dicotyledon plants Monocotyledon

1. Wong Chongnang (Family Acanthaceae)

2. Family Aceraceae.

3. Wong Pru (Family Alangiaceae)

4. Family Amaranthaceae

5. Family Anacardiaceae

6. Wong Kradangnga (Family Annonaceae)

7. Family Apiaceae

8. Family Apocynaceae

9. Wong Sila (Family Aquifoliaceae)

10. Wong Tong (Family Araliaceae)

11. Family Aristolochiacea

12. Family Asclepiaceae


13. Asteraceae (Family Asteraceae)

14. Wong Taling Pling (Family Averrhoaceae)

15. Family Bignoniaceae

16. Wong Kam Saed (Family Bixaceae)

17. Wong Ngio (Family Bombacaceae)

18. Wong Rachawadee (Family Buddlejaceae)

19. Family Burseraceae

20. Family Cactaceae

21. Family Caesalpiniaceae.

22. Wong Kum (Family Capparidaceae)

23. Family Caprifoliaceae

24. Family Casuarinaceae

25. Family Celastraceae

26. Family Clusiaceae

27. Wong Supanniga (Family Cochlospermaceae)

28. Family Combretaceae

29. Wong Thapathab (Family Connaraceae

30. Family Convolvulaceae

31. Cucurbitaceae (Family Cucurbitaceae)

32. Wongsan (Family Dilleniaceae)

33. Wong Yang (Family Dipterocarpaceae)

34. Family Ebenaceae

35. Family Ehretiaceae

36. Family Elaeagnaceae

37. Family Elaeocapaceae

38. Wild Rose (Family Ericaceae)

39. Wong Plao (Family Euphorbiaceae)

40. Family pea (Family Fabaceae)

41. Wong Ko (Family Fagaceae)


42. Wong Chik (Family Barringtiniaceae)

43. Family Rhizophoraceae

44. Wong Takhob Thai (Family Flacourtaceae)

45. Wong Tiu (Family Hypericaceae)

46. ​​Wong Mayang (Family Icacinaceae)

47. Wong Ka Bak (Family Irvingiaceae)

48. Wong Kaprao (Family Lamiaceae)

49. Family Cinnamon (Family Lauraceae)

50. Family Loganiaceae

51. Wong Tabaek (Family Lythraceae)

52. Wong Champa (Family) Magnoliaceae).

53. Wong Nora (Family Malpighiaceae)

54. Family Malvaceae

55. Family Melastomaceae

56. Family Meliaceae

57. Family Mimosaceae

58. Family Moraceae

59. Wong Nutmeg (Family Myristicaceae)

60. Wong Khao San Luang (Family Myrsinaceae)

61. Wong Chompoo (Family Myrtaceae)

62. Wong Bua Luang (Family Nelumbonaceae)

63. Family Menispermaceae

64. Family Nyctaginaceae

65. Family Nympheaeceae

66. Family Ochnaceae

67. Wong Nang Chom (Family Olacaceae)

68. Wong Mali (Family Oleaceae)

69. Family (Family Passifloraceae)

70. Family Piperaceae


71. Family Pittosporaceae

72. Family Polygonaceae

73. Wong Phromkot (Family Proteaceae)

74. Family Rhamnaceae

75. Family Rosaceae

76. Family Rubiaceae

77. Family Rutaceae

78. Wong Duea Luang (Family Sabiaceae)

79. Wong Liu (Family Salicaceae)

80. Family Sapotaceae

81. Wong Waewichien (Family Scrophulariaceae)

82. Family Simaroubaceae

83. Family Solanaceae

84. Wild Lamphu (Family Sonneratiaceae)

85. Longan (Family Spindaceae)

86. Family Sterculiaceae

87. Family Symplocaceae

88. Wong Talo (Family Theaceae)

89. Wong Krisana (Family Thymeleeaceae)

90. Family Tiliaceae

91. Wong Po Phan (Family Ulmaceae)

92. Family Urticaceae

93. Wong Nang Yam (Family Verbenaceae)

94. Grapeseed (Family Vitaceae)


1. Wong Wasana (Family Aga

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