Walailak Botanic Park (WBP), Walailak University, is located in the conservation area of University with an area of approximately 1,350 rai, providing academic services and a source of free learning for students also operating as a tourist attraction in Nakhon Si Thammarat.  Currently, the area has been continuously developed to make botanical park stand out. The distinctive attractions of WBP consist of:

        1. Traditional forest areas where conserve the native plants can be opened for visitors. The natural study route has been developed to have a tower at a height of 25 meters to see the top tree. The area at the bottom of   canopy walk way is also a small animal learning ground where botanical gardens are exhibited in natural areas.

        2. The office space is located in the center of the WBP, with the building facing a large reservoir. The room was very clean and comfortable. There are also the hostel service providing rooms with air conditioning and fan capacity for up to 150 people. In other words, you can admire the natural scenery of the reservoir during the service.

        3. The Herbal Garden is an area where the herb is collected. The operation is under the supervision of the WBP to continuously and systematically supply medicinal plants, as well as provide meaningful labels to visitors to know the benefits of each herbal plants.


        4. The Construction site, museum building and learning area around Natural History Museum consists of a museum building with a collection of knowledge from “The Top of Luang Mountain  to the  under of the Sea”,  covered the area is 17,000 square meters.  The exhibition is divided into sections that are interconnected through the center of the exhibition room to be honored Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn, which conveys her story of the conservation of the natural resources.  The outdoor space displays the drought-tolerant plants in the dome-shaped facade with 20-meter. There is also the support museum section of the Maniq-Sakai  which simulates their traditional life.  WBP proudly presents the well-being of people together with the forest and nature to pass on the proper perception to the outside.

        5. The conservation of banana genetics is a source of academic services to students and people for all genders. In the learning area, there is also a greater source of banana genetics. The 100 varieties of bananas collections. In order to learn in dept, you can scan QR code,  Moreover, WBP distribute various kinds of banana shoots for  farmers .  Next to banana genetic collection garden, you can also visit the learning Center with various exhibition rooms for example the animal gallery such as reptiles, squirrels, ghost rats and large whale skeleton and a human body that shows the organs of the human body that are actually visible learning materials. 

        6. At the entrance   to WBP is a check-in point that has been developed with state-of-the-art architecture overlooking the reservoir.  The natural history museum building and the Luang mountain line stretch along the spot.  Check in point of the WBP sign under the mound, there are also a souvenir shop, a coffee shop, spa shop. The distinctive of the coffee shop of WBP, where collects local coffee in the southern Thailand service to visitors.   There is also a parking spot, a ticket point.

        In fiscal year 2022, the eight large orchid garden houses will be exhibited to mimic nature.  Interestingly, there is bamboo villa as luxurious accommodations surrounded various genetic bamboo plantations will be service for guests of WBP.
        The highly intention of WBP is committed to developing the area as a natural learning ground and the most prominent tourist attraction in the South of Thailand.

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